Sick and tired of the perpetual MRT breakdowns due to different kinds of track fault, signal fault, signal testing etc? Here is a 5 step plan to make SMRT Great Again!

Step 1:

Make every millionaire PAP Minister travel to work via public transport. There should be no exceptions. From the PM to the Minister of State, all of them must sell their cars and take public transport to work.

Step 2:

For everytime a breakdown occurs, cut the salary and bonus of the CEO and directors of these public transport companies.

Step 3:

Whenever there is a breakdown, the culprit public transport operator has to pay for the surged up taxi pricing which commuters pay to get back home.

Step 4:

Tell the Transport Minister to stop blowing his own trumpet and announced fake news that rail transport is more reliable this year compared to the last because commuters do not feel it at all.

Step 5:

The Transport Minister’s whole family has to take public transport to work, this will ensure he feels the full effects of his inept ability to solve our public transportation. When his children and wife complain of the unreliable public transport causing them to be late for exams and appoints, only then will he work doubly hard to solve our problems.

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