I refer to the article on channel news Asia that buses are causing din and noise pollution to residents living in the vicinity of Ai Tong School and I would like to comment on it as well as I am a resident living nearby.

The reason of such noise pollution from these private buses is because of cheapskate bus Operators/owners buying cheap China buses and not maintaining it well. These China buses and trucks are notorious for having loud growling engines. Even those old SBS Volvo buses engines are much more quieter than these new China buses.

There was once I was walking on the along streets talking on the phone in JB, then when a China bus sped past, the growling sound was so loud and their black smoke emitted was terrible.

I urge the LTA and NEA to take actions against bus Operators who purchase China buses in bulk and order them to scrap these China buses and encourage them to change to Japnese or continental ones, and also penalise bus owners who don’t maintain their buses well.

Seriously, these China buses are causing too much noise pollution, even I live so far away from the road on the highest floor and I can still hear these Chinese buses and truck growling engines. Please share and tag the authorities.

Thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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