Dear A.S.S. Editor

The Geylang Ramadan Bazaar have been plagued by problems from the first day of its opening this year. Don’t know why, but it seems like this is destined to be a year where the Ramadan bazaar will fail spectacularly. Already previous years vendors saying they don’t make enough money.

Amongst the problems and controversies surrounding the bazaar this year were when earlier this week, 22 unlicensed food handlers and illegal workers were nabbed in a joint raid by the Ministry of Manpower, National Environment Agency and Singapore Police Force. Then, there were the issue that many concerned customers had raised concerns on how many food stalls at the Geylang Bazaar were halal-certified. Based on what people are saying, it seems like nearly half the stalls at this year’s bazaar were were not Muslim-owned and not halal-certified.

So now, we have a situation where there is a Ramadan bazaar, specifically targeting the wallets of the Muslims in Singapore, and yet, more than half of the food stalls are not halal certified and not owned by Muslims. How like that?

Mohd Rahman

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