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There might be some hope left for Misa Travel customers who were looking at the prospect of their June holidays ending up in smoke, and their money gone. The travel agency have said that they will be getting in touch with affected customers to help them either continue with their travel plans or make an insurance claim.

The travel agency, which had been in business for 23 years, shuttered suddenly this week after having its licence revoked by STB for failing to “fulfil its obligations towards its customers”. A lot of customers were left in the lurch by this sudden closing, with many unsure if their holiday plans were all extinguished. However, Misa Travel added that while it is doing its best to help affected customers, “most of the customers have not heard from us as we are still working with appropriate business partners and fellow travel agents to help make this transition for all customers as soon as possible”.

The statement from Misa Travel also indicated that they are currently working with other travel agencies to help smoothen the transfer of their customers holiday packages. Misa Travel advised customers who need a refund for their air tickets to approach the respective airlines. Those who bought travel insurance should proceed with their claims.

Terry Pan

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