Dear Editors

I am referring to a complain made by a Grabhitch rider that she got molested by a Grabhitch driver and would like to advice riders to stop riding Grabhitch and RYDE. I am neither a private hire car driver nor a taxi driver, but an ex Grabhitch rider.

Reason being is very simple, with the implementation of checks, screening and training required for all private hire car and taxi drivers, Grabhitch drivers need not go through all these procedures. In case people out there still think that Grabhitch and RYDE are similar to GrabCar or uber, they are totally different. To be a Grabhitch or RYDE driver, one just need to go to their respective websites to register with their cars and they are allowed to hitch someone along their way to their destination.

And so, any Tom, Dick or Harry can just do Grabhitch so long as he/she has a car! And mind you, their cars aren’t properly covered by commercial insurance is because our authorities didn’t want these lerosnal car owners to use this as an income opportunity as they do not need to covert their insurance, going for checks and screenings and also training so their ought to be many of such nonsensical drivers out there! Mind you, you are in a car not in a train or bus where there are so many people looking.

I took Grabhitch once and that’s my last ride ever, not only the driver came to pick me up with a different car, but he is a pervert and keep on asking me and talk big about disgusting stuff and even attempted to touch me! I have made a police report about such unruly behaviour and now nothing gets done yet. So I would suggest all to stop riding on Grabhitch, drivers who are not trained shouldn’t be out there even hitching passengers!

Please avoid at all cost, it not worth the 50% lower fares with all these problems and risk one have to take.

A.S.S. Contributor

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