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After the saga of the FAS and Tiong Bahru jackpot money and donation to the AFC have somewhat died down a bit, the new FAS council are now working to ensure that all jackpot money gleamed from clubhosues must be channeled back into the football club and football activities.

Funny how all these years of having professional football clubs, supposedly run like a business, and running jackpot machines at their clubhouse as a surefire way to make more money, yet they always complain of lack of funds. In fact, based on the Tiong Bahru saga, it seemed that they made $36.8million out of the jackpot machines! Their revenue higher than the FAS budget of last year. Even after subtracting all the taxes and money being put back in jackpot winnings, the income still amounted to $5m. And all these while, these S.League clubs are complaining about having a tight budget!

The money is right there under their noses. Just that they were not channeled back into football. So, whatever happened to the income generated? And only now FAS realised they should channel jackpot earnings back to the football? Professional run clubs and association, they are not.

Hairil Saad

A.S.S. Contributor

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