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LTA and SMRT are quickly putting in their excuses early, as commuters are left in the dark how much longer the signalling tests will continue, and how much longer they will have to suffer from train delays. Commuters are also puzzled as to why the trains are being tested during peak period, where any kinds of delays will affect thousands of people who just want to go home.

In a joint statement, the LTA and SMRT said that Two unrelated faults on the North-South Line on Thursday (June 1) and Friday (June 2) evening were uncovered during system-level performance checks for the new signalling system for the line. What this means is that they were both not expecting the delays to happen, which shows a lack of foresight. What they are trying to say is also to expect more of such delays, because the problems found were not easily solved.

LTA and SMRT have urged commuters to be patient while the testing is done.

Adrian Lee

A.S.S. Contributor

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