A Muslim couple may lose their Housing & Development Board flat by 30 June if they cannot find the money to pay $414, the equivalent of 3 months rental.

The husband works as a pest controller and earns $1000 before CPF deduction. His wife stays at home to look after the children.

According to a letter, the couple are to vacate the flat by 30 June or face further financial penalties, such as paying double rent to HDB.

Other bills that they had yet to pay include their utilities bills and the S&CC arrears.

People who wish to help this couple may click the link to social activist Gilbert Goh’s Facebook:

A Muslim couple may have to spend their Hari Raya homeless as HDB will evict them by 30th June if they can't pay the…

Gilbert Gohさんの投稿 2017年5月30日火曜日

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