Date: 29 May 2017
Time: Approx 740pm
Location: Changi Airport Terminal 3, nursing room next to Hello Kitty Cafe.

My husband and I were in the midst of changing my daughter’s diaper when this man barge in. Intruding our privacy. The nursing room was not spacious and could only fit one family at a time. There was no lock and our pram was parked next to the door. This man, knowing the room was occupied and the pram was in the way, still opened the door, squeezed and barged in to fill up his flask with hot water. Hubby and I were not pleased about his inconsideration but we kept quiet. So be it.

When this man wanted to leave and our pram was still in his way to get out, he shook his head and gave a “dirty” look. I then told him that this is a nursing room. He raised his voice and barked it’s meant for public use and he’s not in the wrong. He dared us to call security, which I went to but there was none around. My husband shouted “security” loudly and the guy quickly left.

To be fair, if no one was using the nursing room and he went in to take hot water, that’s fine. BUT we were not ok with the intrusion of privacy as we were changing our daughter’s diaper. There were clear signs on the nursing room door and water dispenser. I’ve also lodged a police report with the APP for intrusion of privacy. But was told it may only be a blank report for record purpose as no offense was committed, i.e. The man did not take photos of my daughter, or the man did not tamper with the lock to enter the room.

As a parent, I’m definitely not ok with a stranger, some more this is a man we are talking about, barging in whilst changing my daughter’s diaper. I’m bringing this up as I’m sure many other parents face this issue as well. And also to feedback to @Changi Airport to have locks installed at nursing rooms.
If this man is an airport staff, I hope the management @Changi Airport will take the necessary action.

*Edited to add that friends have pointed out of a Walkie talkie in the man’s shirt pocket, so possibly an airport staff. He also had his phone camera faced out and we can’t be sure of his intention either.*

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