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A new hawker centre in Admiralty, which is scheduled to open in September this year, will introduce a mandatory tray and utensils return policy to all the diners there. The Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, to be operated by NTUC Foodfare, laid out their plans today for the opening of the hawker centre, including the mandatory tray return policy.

When asked how they were going to impose such a rule to local diners, who are notorious for not returning used trays and utensils, a spokesperson said that they are not intending to give financial incentives to diners who return their trays, but instead, staff and cleaners will be on hand to impose and remind diners of the policy. They will also introduce positive reinforcements measures, such as on-site house-rule messaging at the hawker centre, while tray-return stations will be “conveniently placed”.

No word on whether diners will be fined if they failed to return their trays once this mandatory policy takes effect.

Azlan Aziz

A.S.S. Contributor

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