A GrabHitch driver has been accused of molesting and harassing his passenger, who posted her ordeal on Facebook.

According to the female passenger, she had booked a GrabHitch vehicle to travel from Marina Boulevard to Beach Road. Being a gracious passenger, she decided to sit in front. She writes: “I generally sit in front for hitch cos they aren’t grab drivers but just random Singaporeans like you and me, on the way to somewhere and pick people along their route for extra cash..”

She was initially hesitant because the driver looked a bit “dodgy”, but decided not to judge a book by its cover and sat in front. Throughout the ride, there was nothing amiss as there was little conversation between the driver and his passenger apart from some questions about directions.

However, trouble started at the end of the journey, when the passenger’s legs accidentally brushed against the GrabHitch driver’s hands, which were placed on the gear stick of the car. She quickly apologize for this accidental contact, but was shocked when the driver turned to her and said:

“You have super legs!”

The passenger was taken aback and replied: “Huh?”

To which the driver repeated with a creepy smile: “I think your legs are super sexy!”

At this point, the passenger was outraged and tried to settle the payment as fast as she could. When it was settled, she said a quick thanks and tried to leave the car, only for the driver to start stroking her leg and said with a perverted expression on his face:

“I really… love your legs.”

The passenger has lodged a complaint with Grab, but was met with a customer service officer who was unsympathetic to her plight. She has since lodged a police report to get the driver suspended.

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