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With the recent spate of spammers using phone numbers belonging to the police and other authorities to dupe people, the SCDF has moved to quell the misuse of their number by announcing that their emergency hotline number 995 will be displayed on telephones’ caller ID. This is a further enhancement to the call taking feature of the SCDF operation centre.

Currently, mobile phones and land lines will display “unknown number”, “private number” or “no called ID” when the operations centre contact the numbers. However, SCDF reminds the public that if the numbers displayed begins with +995 followed by other numbers (+995 xxx xxxx), this call is not from the SCDF operations centre. They also explained that the operation centre will call the numbers because once they have dispatched resources to an emergency, they might require more information on the latest development of the emergency.

Although it will be somewhat strange if you see 995 calling you. Unnerving even. Why would an emergency number call you, would probably be your first thought.

Gary Lim

A.S.S. Contributor

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