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A man who suffered a stroke while driving his car on the road, had his life saved by nurses from a near by hospital where he crashed his vehicle. A staff nurse from the hospital, named in reports as Farrer Park Hospital, was on his way home, when he saw a woman trying to revive a driver who had crashed his car against the railings near the Hospital.

He immediately activated the Code Pink, which is a standard operating protocol of the hospital to activate its personnel for emergencies in or around the hospital. The hospital emergency personnel arrived at the accident scene within five minutes with all of their medical equipment. The driver was stuck inside his car, as the driver side of the door was jammed shut against the railings. He was found foming at the mouth and vomiting. The nurses worked to ensure his airwaves are clear and monitored his heart rate until he can be extricated from his car.

The man was subsequently taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. No word on whether he is recovering from his injuries.

Alfred Wee

A.S.S. Contributor

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