Mr Mohamed Salleh Marican, 67, has announced that he will contest the upcoming presidential election. He will be collecting the application forms soon.

Mr Salleh is the founder and CEO of Second Chance Properties. The business had its beginnings as a clothing retail line before moving into the jewelry business, and finally property investment.

Mr Salleh may not qualify, however. According to the criteria, a candidate must be Malay and must have been the CEO of a company with at least $500 million in shareholders’ equity. Second Chance Properties has between $254.3 million and $263.25 million in shareholders’ equity which is less than the requirement.

However, if the government’s Presidential Elections Committee has the final say in whether a candidate who does not meet the criteria can qualify if he has the necessary experience and qualifications. So there is still a chance of Mr Salleh becoming president.

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