A video of City Harvest Church (CHC) pastor Sun Ho, who is seen feasting on a luxurious meal, is now being shared widely among netizens on the internet. 

A reader, who is a former CHC member, has shared his thoughts on this. Read his account here.
"They are asking me as a Christian whether this is right for her to do it, as a Christian, because she seems to be living the high life while her husband is languishing in jail.
I cannot answer, and try to defend a little saying that it is maybe her followers who give her a treat. But still I feel uncomfortable inside. 
It is about a month since Kong Hee went to jail but she is quickly posting videos of her enjoying life. I know it is harsh but she should be more sensitive to the feelings of her husband and her congregation. 
Many lost huge chunks of their savings or life's blood to build the City Harvest Church of today. When they discovered that it had all been wasted on Sun Ho's pop star career… many of us could not take it and left.
Now we see very clearly that we should have left earlier… before the Crossover and before all the nonsense of Sun Ho's singing career.
I am in a happier place now, but it's still hard with so many memories forged in that church. I still miss the family I left, but I believe I have done the right thing leaving for spiritually richer pastures.
A.S.S. Contributor

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