From the entire Shrey Bhargava saga, I only have these words for brainless Chinese who comment viciously and attacked him to ponder over.

People who comment heedlessly, let me give you a situation, Bring yourself away from Singapore where we Chinese are close minded.

Put yourself in the shoes that you’re the minority in a country where X-race people are the majority. During one of the auditions for a film where you go for the audition, the director of X-race asked you to squint your eyes or ask the make up artist to apply make up so that your eyes becomes smaller thus you “will be more Chinese” and it will be funny because everyone will sure laugh about it.

How would you feel?

Talk is cheap, think first keyboard warriors. This is how Shrey felt when the director asked him to be “more Indian” by speaking in a heavier Indian accent so that it will be funny. I am sure Shrey does not mind if the director asked him to speak with a more Indian accent because the character he was playing speaks in a thick Indian accent/an Indian not born in Singapore. He was angry cos the director told him to be Indian by speaking in Indian accent so that Indians can be made fun of.

People need to see such behaviour as “othering”. I do not entertain bigots who want to whack me left right and centre, this is not a debate but this is to give you an alternative of your narrow mindset.

Hope this clarifies.

Your local born and bred Singaporean Chinese
A.S.S. Contributor

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