Singaporean keep on complaining. They should try being an indonesian

I am an indonesian living in singapore and i see alot of singaporean complaining about their life and the goverment

Maybe you should try living as an indonesian in indonesia. In indonesia, if you are not rich, u’re screwed for life. Just think having a 10% a year interest on your mortgage. If you loan for 30 years that mean you will be paying for interest 300% of what you owe. Compare it with singapore 1 – 2% interest rate.

With a minimum salary of only 400 sgd a month, you can only dream of having a house in jakarta. A normal 1000 sqf of condo can easily cost 2 billion rupiah (220.000 sgd).

There is no hdb in indonesia. The only cheap housing provided by the goverment is onlu 210 sqf and it is on the VERY VERY outskirt are which can take 2 hours to get to work.

Dont even compare the public transportation. There are no decent and safe public transportation in jakarta. Everytime you take a bus of train, you are in high risk of mugging, pickpocket or sexual harrasment.

In singapore, safety is almost for everyone whether you are rich or poor. In indonesia if you are poor, then safety is not for you.

Singaporean should consider themselves privileged and lucky to be born in such a safe and stable country.

I purposely made a company in singapore, purposely pay insane amount of tax, purposely hired singaporean so i can stay in singapore. So i can raise my kids here. So i dont have to worry about my kids safety when they go to school.

Fx (an indonesian living in singapore)
A.S.S. Contributor

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