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Two HDB blocks in Simei Street 1 came under the attack of hundreds of bees on Monday evening, resulting in two residents, including a toddler, to be stung. An eyewitness claims that she found bees in her kitchen when she was cooking dinner, and her daughter also informed her that bees can be found in their living room in their third storey flat.

Dead bees were found between the linkway of blocks 133 and 134, which overlooked Simei Park. Reports also indicated that dead bees can also be found in some homes. The toddler who was stung was living on a ninth floor unit, and had been taken to hospital. The other person who was stung, a woman, was in a house whose unit had about 100 bees that had flown in.

The police and the East Coast Town Council were informed. The first pest control team sent by the town council had apparently left early, as they had been stung too. A second team of pest control arrived at the estate around 12:30am. Investigations are ongoing.

James Ooi

A.S.S. Contributor

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