Event organizers have announced shockingly draconian security checks for this upcoming Pink Dot SG event, planned for 1 July this year.

The measures, which include barricading the open area of the Speakers’ Corner and having identity cards or passport checks for participants before they enter the area, were decisions made necessary because of the authorities, the organizers said.

There will be a total of 7 access points around the cordoned field, and there are plans to hire 50 security guards to be stationed around the area.

A spokesperson for Pink Dot SG, Paerin Choa, explained the new measures:

“The set-up of barricades and checkpoints around the park was the only measure deemed acceptable by the authorities; this was a decision taken out of our hands and is something we do not readily agree with.”

This would greatly impact potential participants from entering the cordoned space, especially since couples and family members who might consist of locals and foreigners might be separated.

He added that the existing laws place the onus on the organizers to ensure that no foreigners enter the Speakers’ Corner for their event.

This year’s ambassadors for Pink Dot are Singapore paralympian Theresa Goh, singer Nathan Hartono and actor Ebi Shankara.

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