Omg Singaporeans, just shut up will you?! What’s with the racial controversy lately? Started with ABTM audition and now its Bazaar? Did our forefathers dropped us on our heads when we were born? Is that why this generation doesnt know how to be sensitivity towards each other’s culture and religion?

Dear Chinese,
Bazaar Ramadan (as per the name) is catered mainly for Muslims who are celebrating Ramadan followed by Eid. Work in the Bazaar and run your business for all we care but please do it the Halal way? If your products are not Halal then please get lost and do other Bazaars instead? You dont cb by selling non halal stuff at the Ramadan Bazaar. Be sensitive towards the occasion.

Dear Malays,
The Bazaar isn’t only meant for you. Its a yearly tradition meant for ALL MUSLIMS (Chinese, Pinoi, Arab, Indian, Paki, etc). Its NOT a Malay thing. The word Ramadan doesnt belong to only you. Other religions are welcome too if they want to experience the Bazaar. Islam taught us to be kind to one another regardless of religion. Plus, without people from other religions visiting the Bazaar, your profits wont be as much. Think!!

Please respect, support & learn to understand one another. STICK TOGETHER morons, stick together. United we stand, divided we fall.

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