Dear Editors,

There was a signaling fault this morning during rush hour and everybody were left stranded, so our dear grab and uber began to chop people by high surged fare. Check uber and grab app from Yishun to Marina Bay costs around $42! Oh my god!

Tried to call for Grabhitch and RYDE but nobody accepted my request either! I am already in a bad rush and these jokers are playing punk with me?

Now I have to take unpaid leave be use of all these, can grab and uber please stop your god damn surge and grab/RYDE , please for goodness sake, make your drivers accept job request, Cant they just help during such exigencies?

Perhaps next time we should all take grab and uber during surge when MRT disrupts and make SMRT reimburse the fare!

Upset Commuter
A.S.S. Contributor

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