Netizen Joanna Ong shared photos of small pack milo which she bought from NTUC for her little girl to drink. After taking a sip, her daughter complained that it was bitter and sour. To her shock, after cutting open the packet, she discovered what looked like white mouldy spots inside the packet milo. The expiry date for the milo was in 2018. Milo Singapore said they would investigate this batch of drinks.

Facebook complaint by Joanna Ong

“On Thursday I bought 4 packs of small pack milo from ntuc for Olivia. She took a pack to drink yesterday, and told me it tasted bitter and sour. I gave it a tried and it really tasted sour and disgusting, I decided to cut open the pack and this is what I found inside.

This is the first time we have encounter such issue with pack drink, and we really never expect it to be with milo. Be careful when you give your little one packaging drink.

Posted another photo with batch number and expiry date. MILO Singapore have contacted me yesterday, they will investigate the batch of milo.”

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