Upon reading yesterday’s article about someone requesting a ban on heavy vehicles using the expressway I have a disappointing comment to make.

In Singapore, heavy vehicles are being discriminated by cars on the roads, often when we see cars not giving way to these heavy vehicles or in fact each other on the roads when others signal their intention. It is such a disappointment! I am a truck driver and I can feel this prejudice going on.

Comparing ourselves with other countries like Australia, Japan and Hong Kong, people ice way to each other without any reward or penalties for not doing so, it’s disappointing that we need to force people by giving them penalties should they fail to do something.

As such, I am very sorry but to urge the authorities to penalise motorists who don’t give way to each other heavily , especially heavy vehicles. This will definitely solve such problems and reduce the number of unnecessary accidents on the roads.

It’s really a great disappointment to see such things happening around us, why can’t we just give and take a bit?

A.S.S. Contributor

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