A little girl had the unfortunate experience of being “hooked” by the cheek on Sunday while having a day out with her family at Bishan Park.

The incident happened at 7.30PM when the family was just strolling in the park on their usual Sunday routine. The little girl had been using a scooter to ride through the park and reached the bridge opposite of the McDonald’s when she noticed 3 boys playing with a fishing rod. They were allegedly swing the rod wildly despite the heavy human traffic.

She had stopped and looked behind for signs of her brother and father when it happened. A sharp tearing feeling hit her right cheek, a sharp metal fishing hook had smacked right into her cheek.

Passersby rushed to her aid as her parents tried desperately to bite off the nylon string attached to the hook.

The girl was conveyed to KKH and operated on for at least 30 minutes before surgeons could remove the fishing hook.

By the end of the ordeal, they realized they had forgotten to taken down the particulars of the boys as they were too busy trying to save their daughter.

The netizen is now seeking information leading to the identification of the 3 boys. She wrote in her Facebook: “Any kind soul who happened to witness the incident, and knew the 3 young indian boys kindly PM me. For those who does not know kindly help to spread the word to warn the public of these young boys as they may be still around the same area doing the same thing !!

We as parents will really appreciate a lot due to what happened to our daughter. To find them is not to punish them but at least to let them and their parents know how dangerous acts they are doing to harm the public safety at Bishan Park !”

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