Dear A.S.S. Editor

An MOM report on wage practices, which was released today, indicated that the number of employees who received a pay increase in 2016 has dropped, and total wage growth, which includes CPF contributions, have also fallen.

The report also said that profitable private firms also continued to fall, which partly explains why the wage growth has also dropped. All these figures, released by the MOM, shows that people are basically not getting the expected wage hikes that they had hoped for. And all during the same period, the government is having a spree of increasing every price it can. Water hikes, service and conservancy charges, car park hikes, transport hikes, you name it, the government would probably have announced an increase in the past year.

Why is this so? Prices are going up, but wages are not. How to survive if this carry on? Are we truly becoming a country of the elites, where only the rich can survive and live comfortably, while the rest of us slave the rest of our lives away, hoping to one day join in the ranks of the elites?

Amanda Chen

A.S.S. Contributor

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