A shocking series of messages have been uploaded by anonymous vigilantes about a 20 year-old Singaporean male who is accused of grooming and having oral sex with a minor.

The messages in the link are from a conversation between the netizen and one of the female minors he had oral sex with. According to the messages, the girl has become fearful that her throat infection following her act of oral sex with the netizen might turn out to be a sexually transmitted disease. Although the netizen encouraged the minor to seek help from a doctor, he also persuaded her to lie about her sexual encounter with him and to convince the doctor that she had simply kissed him rather than perform oral sex.

Other screenshots of conversations on imgur suggest that the netizen had also persuaded another 16 year-old girl to send him nude photographs of herself.

The netizen has since posted a public apology on his Facebook page admitting to his sexual indiscretions.

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