Dear A.S.S. Editor

The recent articles carried by local papers on one English footballer who is interested in playing for Singapore has certainly caught my attention. This football player, Luke O’Nien qualifies for Singapore as his maternal grandfather is a Singaporean.

And his maternal grandfather is not only just a Singaporean, but he happens to be the brother of Lim Kim San,a former cabinet minister who is credited with helping to solve Singapore’s housing issues in the 1960s. Luke O’Nien is 22 years old, and his performances for Wycombe Wanderers, a League Two team in England have been so good, that some bigger clubs are watching him play. O’Nien has also indicated that it would be an honour for him to play international football for Singapore.

Now, if the FAS are currently looking at the foreign talents who can represent Singapore, having spent the minimum five years on Singapore soil, and is fast tracking them to become Singaporeans, why not call up this young man? He might not have been to Singapore, but he is as Singaporean as the foreign talents the FAS are trying to assimilate into the national team. If we are going back to the road of foreign talents, then here is one talented young man ready for Singapore.

Just look at the Philippines. They had no football culture, but they recruited foreigners with Philippines links. And now, they are much higher in football rankings as compared to Singapore. FAS, and coach Sundram, the media has done your work for you, by unearthing an eligible player for Singapore. Scout him, and call him up. Surely, he cannot be any worse than the pretenders now who call themselves national players?

Mohd Jumari

A.S.S. Contributor

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