I, Jabez Tan, Founder of SOON HUAT BAK KUT TEH would like to clarify about the article published from TODAY’s and CNA’s website this afternoon: “Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh at Simpang Bedok was found to have prepared food on the floor” (retrieved from TODAY’s Facebook page)


Together with my staff, I would like to seek our valued customers and public’s support and understanding before making any inaccurate judgements or unfair comments. While we agree that we were faulted on failure to comply fully in accordance to food preparation guidelines, we would like to shed some light on the situation where it happened.

We were penalised for having “Prepared food on floor of premises” with 6 Demerit Points and $400 Fine. This was based upon the scenario as shown in the picture.

For this incident, our raw pork ribs were packed within fully sealed plastic bags as per its condition when it arrived from our food supplier. At no times were the food exposed or at risk of being exposed to the floor. As the food weighed more than 30kg, it is difficult for our staff to lay them on the table for thawing. Further to this, we had assumed that the bucket used to store the pork ribs, in addition to the fully sealed bags, would suffice to protect our food against contamination from the ground.

We have since understood that a more acceptable practice from NEA is to have the bucket on a raised platform of at least 6 inches above ground.

Nevertheless, it was never our intention to violate the guidelines set out.

SOON HUAT BAK KUT TEH is a social enterprise – a business of second chances. We believe in offering ex-convicts a second chance to gain employment and rebuild their lives. After this incident, we will do our best to ensure that we uphold good hygiene standards and continue to serve our valued customers the best quality of food and service.

Thus, we sincerely apologise for any disappointment from this issue and seek your patience and continued support in our food and social mission.

We will also use this opportunity to upgrade our kitchen and create new dishes to serve you better. Business will resume on the 13th June.

Thank you.

Jabez Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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