A netizen has called out a Chinese influencer for her offensive posts about the food at the Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai, but her comments have ignited yet another race-related social media storm.

The argument started when a Chinese influencer tweeted an offensive tweet about the food at the Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai. Feeling peeved, netizen Dil retorted in a tweet: “what makes you think the ramadan bazaar is for your privileged chinese ass.”

Dil’s comments ignited a flame war between netizens on both sides of the minority-majority divide. Many netizens sympathized with Dil and agreed that the influencer should have been less offensive about her tweets on the Bazaar, but just as many felt that race had nothing to do with the influencer’s criticism of the food.

Some prominent local social media personalities have also weighed in, with local writer Ariffin Sha asking for netizens to be less sensitive and exclusive in their postings.

“The ‘Ramadan’ Bazaar isn’t some special zone reserved for only Muslims and/or Malays. Many patrons and stallholders are not Malay. Anyone, regardless of their race, is entitled to their own opinion of the things on offer there. Whether they think it is overpriced fluff or worth the hype has absolutely nothing to do with race.” he wrote. “I can’t help but notice a trend where minorities all too readily play the race card in situations where race is immaterial. We must dispel the notion that only the majority race is capable of racism. In situations like this, identity politics must be called out.”

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