A netizen has shared his experience of donating 2nd hand electrical appliances to a Sungei Road reseller. His good deed ended up turning his second hand trash into valuable income for the elderly uncle, who was unable to contain his joy and disbelief when the netizen first approached him.

The netizen’s kind donation follows recent warnings by the government to close down the market before scheduled construction on a nearby MRT station begins, despite massive protests from the aging vendors and heritage enthusiasts. Many of them feel that tearing down the historic Sungei Road Thieves Market would demolish what precious little Singaporeans have of their urban history.

He wrote of the street vendors’ plight: “A closer look can visibly tell that the temporary ad-hoc shelters put up by the peddlers can hardly block their selling items from the rain. These items ranging from shoes, CNY red packets, clothes were completely drenched with water n i can see these peddlers trying hard to dry their items.”

The electrical appliances that the netizen gave to the uncle eventually became “top sellers” in the market, earning the uncle a tidy amount of cash for the day. Noting that these items would have normally been sold for just $3-5 at a regular Cash Converter stall, he said it was more satisfying to donate the items to the vendors who want to make an honest living in spite of their harsh environment.

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