Dear Editors,

Last time (10/3/2017). i contribute something to All Singapore Stuff about one scary encounter almost midnite. The Floating object – something is like following me at Bukit Panjang Area. Opp. Zhenghua Primary School, at the overhead bridge. and you can see a lady was seen at the overhead bridge running away after seeing the thing.

Now this time even more scary it was in the day time, something to beware – pss.. along moving thing in green. a surprise encounter yesterday noon timing at the overhead bridge -bukit timah plaza opp. (shell petrol station)

Around 12PM, 27/05/2017, yesterday. My family, and i after the hangout at bukit timah plaza – on our way back we have to cross over to the overhead bridge at the bukit timah plaza opp. which is near to Shell Petrol Station – to take bus for public transport. my brother was the first ahead of me and others pedestrian did not notice anything!

i was in shock, a snake spotted at the side, somewhere railing. i quickly alert my dad which in front of me the same direction (on the right). awhile later a lady walking down the step, i immediately inform not to use left, and use the right side of the overhead bridge. i no idea where the snake came from a distance you were unable to spot the snake clearly. my father did scare the snake and it vanished!

Quite scary if you walk alone, just imagine you are one person how do you react after seeing The Snake!

Your Sincerely
Hew Raven
A.S.S. Contributor

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