Dear Editors,

We have been taught to always respect other religions yet it is very upsetting to know not everyone is practising this. It is very common for Singapore households to have a FDW to help out in their homes. Most of these FDWs come from Indonesia, Phillipines, Myanmar & India. Employers have always been told to treat their FDW well but during this holy month of Ramadan it is very surprising to see employers not being very open to their muslim FDWs keeping a fast.

Recently i read in a FB group on thoughts if the employer should allow the FDW to keep a fast as she has to take care of little ones and run around. It was surprising to read the opinions. While some said that it is okay, there were others who felt otherwise. According to them the FDW has signed a contract that she is not to keep a fast while serving the contract. Some even said that they can fast when they go back or always choose to repay in donations.

I am aware that these are possible options but shouldn’t the decision be left to the FDW? I am pretty sure the FDW is well prepared for a situation like this and life does go on despite them kerping a fast. Employers can always choose to work around the situation so then why are employers forcing their rules and in my opinion disrespecting the beliefs of the FDW? Is it so diffIcult to compromise for a month?

Thoughts please…

Troubled Citizen
A.S.S. Contributor

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