Here is my view on whether Singaporean girls should do NS.

– Both males and females SHOULD serve. Maybe females could go into the medical side of things. We have a very severe shortage of trained paramedics as it is.

– Shorten the duration of NS to a year since having female conscripts means double the manpower.

– That one year’s obligation can be fulfilled during a particular window e.g.
Any time between 16-25, rather than at a specified date. That way we won’t
see as many kids going AWOL to care for pregnant girlfriends (I had a NSF guy
like this), going nuts because they’re unable to care for a parent who has
only six more months to live (also seen this before) etc. It would also help
our sportsmen, especially time-sensitive athletes like gymnasts, who are
considered past their prime once they enter their twenties.

I don’t support female-male units. The US has tried really hard to be
politically correct and inclusive, allowing females to join combat units…
while being held at lower physical competency standards. That’s not right.
That token female ends up being the weakest link, and a very likely

I am ALL for females being included- provided they are held to the same
standards as males. That means passing IPPT based on male timings. FYI, the
2.4 passing time for a Cat X female (using the old system) was anything under
18 minutes. Does that sound right or fair to you?

My best ever timing for 2.4 was 9:24.

(Fun fact: when I was in training, all the females were demanded to hit the
male IPPT requirements. I have mad respect for that encik, and he was right)

Having female-only units would also be an option- Israel does this. That way,
you circumvent the “weakest link in the chain” issue. They’re mostly for
scout and recon duties, though. Which are needed too, of course.

Implement NS for females, please. That’s actually the best way to deal with
the shrinking number of conscripts.

That said, I’m the last person you should ask considering my job background
(I am a female regular).

A.S.S. Contrbutor

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