A video of an enraged and out of control driver stopping a truck driver and ramming a large stone into the clueless driver has gone viral online.
See the video here. The video was first posted online by a netizen by the name of Alex.

The truck driver, who works for Alex's company, was driving along the road when his path was suddenly obstructed recklessly by the driver of a Toyota SLC1965B. The driver of the Toyota alighted from his vehicle and demanded that the truck driver alight from the vehicle.
Unaware of what he had done and fearful for his life, the truck driver refused to leave the cabin. This made the Toyota driver open the truck door and ram a large rock into the truck driver's stomach. Unsatisfied with his violent actions, the Toyota driver then used a stone to damage the truck door and side mirror.
A police report was lodged by the driver and his company.

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