LGBT rights are human rights. It is shameful in this day and age that many countries, including Singapore, continue to deny basic rights to the LGBT.

It is shameful that President Donald Trump holds more progressive views on LGBT rights than many Singaporeans do.

This is an absolute shame that such a developed country like Singapore can harbor such abhorrent anti-LGBT views.

The love between a man and another man or between a woman and another woman is no less genuine than that between a man and a woman. Love is love. Those that are transgender are also no less human than you and I, they too are entitled to their rights.

How can the Singapore Embassy in Washington DC even face a fellow statesman when Singapore doesn’t recognize the full rights of the LGBT.

Is there no shame from our politicians that they do not do more to speak up for equal rights for the LGBT.

History will judge us harshly for not speaking up against this injustice.

I stand with Pink Dot SG and with activists like Siti Kasim of Malaysia, Ravi MRavi, Humanist Society (Singapore) , SGRainbow, SgButterfly, People Like Us, GLBT Voices Singapore, Lesbian SG Confessions, and many more who are fighting for LGBT rights in South East Asia.

We must all stand together and support the LGBT community. I call on every good citizen of Singapore to show their resolve to change for the better by attending Pink Dot. #LoveIsLove

Amos Yee

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