A 65 year-old woman and her 13 month old grandchild were badly hurt after a teenage cyclist rammed into them outside a condominium in Pasir Ris on 14 May.

The elderly woman, Madam Lin Zhenghua, was carrying her grandchild when the accident happened at around 1pm that day. The grandmother fainted from the pain, all while clutching the toddler tightly to prevent her from getting hurt.

Madam Lin’s husband, who saw the accident, witnessed the cyclist running into his at full speed, resulting in 2 other cyclists who were close behind to run into the first cyclist.

Passersby helped move Madam Lin to the nearby bus stop to keep her out of the path of pedestrians.

An ambulance was dispatched to the scene at about 1.11PM and she was sent to Changi General Hospital where she regained consciousness.

Realizing that something was wrong after the toddler did not stop crying since the accident, the family brought the toddler for a check up on that same day and found that she had broken her leg.

Although the family of the elderly woman and the toddler are angry with the cyclists for not apologizing for the accident, the parents of the cyclist have reportedly visited the family in the hospital.

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