Malaysian Chang Sean Der,a 29 year old man who is unemployed was jailed for 30 weeks for taking upskirt photos and videos of a woman.

Chang holds a masters degree in finance from Britain but felt the need to study women’s panties instead. Chang admitted to taking the upskirt videos and said that he did it because he was curious to know the colours and patterns of the underwear the women were wearing. He said he needed to study the videos for his own viewing pleasure.

Chang was caught at Tanjong Pagar MRT station when a 30 year old man spotted him bending down as he walked behind a woman. But one woman was not enough for him. Chang followed another woman to an escalator and positioned his smartphone under the woman’s dress, with the camera facing up. Instead of leaving the station immediately after he was done recording the woman’s underwear, Chang proceeded to find another target and followed her to the staircase, positioning himself behind the woman.

At this point, the 30 year old man confronted him and demanded to see Chang’s phone. Chang fumbled with the phone, trying to delete the evidence quickly. But the Malaysian’s fingers were not nimble enough. The other man snatched the phone away and brought Chang to the control station. The police were called and Chang was arrested. They found out that Chang had taken a total of 76 upskirt videos since coming to Singapore.

During the trial, Chang’s lawyer argued that Chang is remorseful and did the crime because he was stressed with his job in Singapore and had problems adjusting to life here as it is very different from Malaysia. Chang was jailed for 30 weeks. For insulting the modesty of a woman, he could have been jailed for up to a year and fined.

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