A netizen claims to have come across a Dendeng stall in Geylang bazaar selling meat of “unknown” origin. The stall is allegedly owned by a Chinese but run by Malay Muslim workers.

According to the netizen, her father’s friend approached the stall and asked the Malay worker of the stall about what kind of meat is being sold. When the Malay worker referred the question to the boss because he did not know, he claims the boss tried to avoid the question.

The netizen, Rose Dafea, wrote:

“So he asked “what meat is this?” the Malay worker replied “don’t know” then he asked the owner the same qs.

The owner said ” all it’s ori ori(original). Spices all we use are ori” (he still hasnt answered the qs yet).

My friend’s father asked him for the 2nd time what meat he uses but the owner cant answer and his face started to change (annoyed).”

She urged fellow Muslims to be careful of what they eat as what they eat outside becomes part of their flesh and blood and cannot be cleansed out easily.

However, her posting has been met with mixed responses, with some other Malay netizens accusing her of trying to tarnish the stall’s reputation.

Another netizen has sought a clarification from MUIS, which stated that all stalls with MUIS certification must adhere to MUIS certification conditions.

Read MUIS’ statement here:


Pleasant greetings from Muis. For your information, DDHS, the factory manufacturing dendeng is Muis Halal-certified. However, we are unable to confirm the source of dendeng at bazaar stalls, which may or may not get their supplies from DDHS.

If an establishment/food stall is Muis Halal-certified, it is bound by Muis Halal Certification Conditions and you should be able to see a valid Muis Halal certificate on display within its premise.

Muslim consumers are advised to exercise discretion (e.g. read product labels & ingredients, look out for Halal certificate, etc.) before patronising any product. It is best to avoid what makes you feel “was-was” or doubtful.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,
Muis FB Administrator”

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