I was cheated by a taxi driver
Shb XXXX h
Chevrolet by transcab

I’m not local, I’m a Malaysian
Today at 23/05/17 – 18.59 I ride a taxi from China town to garden by the bay

The ride took 8 min -+

I know there was a peak charge but dont know it was a 25%
The driver told me it’s 6.24 and there is a 7.85 surcharge . And grand total 14.09 . Then he ask for 14 from me .

I was shock and unsure , so I end up paying and then ask for a receipt . Then I ask the people around and ticketing girl in garden by the bay . They told me , I was being cheated . Its suppose to be 6.24 + 25% = 7.85

I just hope people will be more aware and don’t let people cheat with fake taxi fare.
Regret for not taking uber . At least uber don’t cheat fare.

Terry Lok Kah Yoong
A.S.S. Contributor

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