Dear BG Tan,

We are aghast at what your ministry said about single mothers whose children are born out of wedlock. We don’t condone such matters ourselves, but the fact is that the children are innocent & are being penalized for their mothers’ mistakes. And moreover, it takes 2 hands to clap. Going by MSF’s logic, shouldn’t the men also play their parts? But we digress here.

Here’s what we don’t understand.

National Service: a male child born of an unwed mother must still serve NS, right? And yet his mother gets no housing support or baby bonus. But foreigners can buy public housing?! What stupid logic is this?! Didn’t PM Lee once tell a boy living in Aljunied GRC that he has to serve NS because he too benefitted from its stability, but the government doesn’t need to serve his estate because it’s under the opposition? So going by BG Lee’s own logic, why should a boy born of an unwed mother serve NS when he benefits nothing from the government, especially when foreigners who benefit from government policies don’t serve?

2: Medishield Life: In the very first place, NOBODY wants this. And yet the unwed mother must STILL provide this for her child even though she’s not entitled to any benefits. So what stupid logic is this that she has to pay for medical insurance for her child but gets no childcare benefits? Only a complete stupid idiot can think this is fair. But unfortunately these are the kinds of people in top government positions these days…

Baby food: Whether infant formula or whatever, unwed mothers still pay the same prices as anyone else. Or does the government think they miraculously pay a fraction the prices married couples do? Oh wait, we’re talking about a government led by an idiot who wonders if the city is more crowded because there are more people and who thinks that putting up chilies & onions will keep the rain from falling. Not surprising if the government is really dumb enough to believe this.

Public housing: Is it true foreign students and their mothers get state funded housing? If yes, WHY?! Don’t you people know that as long as they’re not here with their husbands they’re still single mothers because they’re raising their children alone without their husbands?!

CPF: Doesn’t the unwed mother still contribute to CPF? And won’t the child too, once grown up & working?

Achievements: Did you know Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest geniuses of all time had an unwed mother? So if a Singaporean born of an unwed mother discovered a cure for cancer, will the government claim credit for it just like they stole credit for Joseph Schooling’s Olympic success despite contributing nothing to it? Whether a child’s parents are married or not has absolutely nothing to do with their intellect you know. You don’t believe us? Just look at some top officials whose parents are married but can say such totally moronic things like you just need a very small space to have sex or the elderly collect cardboard for exercise. Stupid, right?

Ah well, we just had to get these off our chests. We happen to know that everything we say is useless since the government never listens to us anyway. So maybe all we Singaporeans should do something different.

Like maybe boycott getting married & having children so that we don’t need to pay obscene prices for baby food, pay unwanted Medishield Life, suffer the pain of seeing foreign children receive preferential treatment over our own and watch Mindef wash its hands of responsibility for the deaths of our sons in NS like they did to the parents of Pte. Dominique Sarron Lee, because with no children there’s nobody to serve NS.

What say you, BG Tan? Genius, or what?

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