Accenture posts a job preferring US or Indian management grads.

“Accenture SG placed a job advertisement the Singapore Government’s Jobsbank it requires candidates applying to have “PhD/MS in quantitative sciences or Post Grad in Management (Marketing/ Finance/SCM) preferably from a US university or Indian management school.”

Successful applicants can expect to draw a salary of between $9,000 and $12,000 and 2 vacancies are available.”

I find the advertisement absolutely disgraceful and is another demonstration of how Singaporean workers are discriminated against in their own country.
In my Labour Day Speech , which you can view below , I demanded that the PAP Government give priority to Singaporeans for Singapore jobs . Singapore is one of the rare countries where its own citizens are not given priority when it comes to jobs . The so called Fair Consideration Framework which the PAP touts in its own defense is so porous it offers scant protection to the Singaporean worker who more often than not finds his lunch stolen by foreign workers.

The advertisement shown below is a not so subtle hint that the employer is looking for an Indian worker. I do not know of any Singaporean who has attended an Indian Business School! This example shows why the so called Fair Consideration Framework is completely inadequate to protect the interests of the Singaporean worker. The government is closing a blind eye to egregious violations by employers in their ingenuity to get around so called protections for the Singaporean worker.

Singaporeans deserve much better from their government and we need tougher laws and regulations to make sure that Singaporeans are employed first !! It is a good paying job that is being advertised and we should look after our own Singaporeans first!

#NUS , #NTU and #SMU I am sure will also have a lot to say as to why they are classified as inferior to Indian Business Schools ! Are their curriculum outdated?

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