My name is Nurul and this is the first time I’m attempting to seek help from the crowdfunding space, and please allow me to tell my story.

I’m the number 5th in the family out of the 11 and at the age of 20, I should be continuing my education or pursuing my dreams, but that wasn’t the case for me, but don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to provide for my family.

My father is at his Stage 4 terminal lung cancer, and at this stage, his liver starts to break down, so he’s in and out of hospital quite frequent. Besides lung cancer, he is also suffering from heart failure and kidney failure, which is quite devastating for him. But, he’s holding his head high, and taking it in his stride, and whenever he’s out from the hospital, he find himself working as a part time security guard, trying to help lessen my burden. Unfortunately, my mom had left us when I was very young.

Quite a few of my younger siblings are still in school and they should not be working, so the responsibility of up keeping lies on my shoulder.

We do get help from social worker that provide us with dry ration, and sometimes, that’s barely enough, so we’ll have to forgo things like poultry and rely mostly on rations and vegetables.

I’m happy to take on the responsibility of providing for my family, but most of the times, we require help to put food on the table, and my salary is only approximately $1500 per month, feeding 11 in the family.

I’m appealing anyone out there to assist me, to allow slightly better food for my family to get by, and you have my gratitude and blessing!

No amount is too small to help us, and we truly appreciate any help given.

Yours sincerely,

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