Dear A.S.S. Editor

I am writing to voice my unhappiness over parents who send their child to the childcare centre every morning. I know that you paid a lot to send the kids to child care centre, and that they will be there teh whole day, while you will be at work.

But this does not excuse you to park indiscriminately while sending your kids to the centres. It may be for just a while, but the short time you were away, you might be blocking access to other vehicles who are trying to get out of the carpark, thus delaying someone who is heading out and beginning their day. And this also does not excuse parents who spend so much time at the sending off area for their kids, and stand around while waiting for your kid to have their temperature taken.

You might not be in any hurry to leave, but spare a thought for the next parent in line who is desperately trying to drop off their kid and heading off to work early. You are just taking up too much of their time. I don’t know why people are now more selfish, always thinking about themselves. Please spare a thought for others.

Joanne Lum

A.S.S. Contributor

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