Recently there are some huge debates by netizens regarding NSFs being pampered, from parents picking them up to being given ice water to cool themselves down. Let me share my thoughts on this, being an NSF myself. Since someone else have already elaborated on the parents picking up NSFs part, I shall now say anymore things about that matter.

Now life in NS is not easy as we were often being trained to be tough and often beyond our limits, in case you may think that I am talking rubbish, but army wants us to avoid heat injuries at all costs. So what we were made to do is before any vigorous training where we will be under the hot scorching sun for long, we were made to fill up our bottles and also made to drink half full water bottle or 1 full bottle if our commanders are angry with us sometimes at 30 minutes interval. And at every toilet break, we will be asked to fill up our bottles again as they wanted us to hydrate ourselves frequently.

This toilet break is only 5 minutes so the first thing we will do is to fill up our bottles first and those who don’t get to relieve themselves given the short span of time either have to hold till the next hour’s toilet break or some just pee in their pants, now given the choice, we will of course want to relieve ourselves in the toilet but if there is no choice, of course we would rather pee in our pants than to suffer from heat injuries which can lead to further re-training or even being charged!

So my dear netizens out there, being given ice water to cool our bodies down is to make sure our bodies are being fooled down in a shortest span of time, not a bonus or pampered. If you don’t understand the whole idea behind this, then just keep your mouth shut it come and try serving NS for 2 months and see for yourselves. Or wait till its your son’s turn to serve, then you will know it, please think before slamming us, I hope not to see anymore stories about NSFs being pampered or something similar to NSFs stinking up the train because they smell etc.

We are proud of this country and the nation, whatever sacrifice we have made, it’s for everyone like you and me. So please spare us some thoughts.

Thomas, Your proud NSF.
A.S.S. Contributor

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