Dear Editors,

Grab is not being fair to us taxi drivers! They should put in the surge to GrabTaxi as well not be just surging GrabCar and justgrab! It’s making passengers use us like a disposable cutlery, when they need they use,
otherwise they will dump us aside.

I am on justgrab and GrabTaxi and especially during events and concerts, both GrabCar and justgrab and uber will surge up to 2x at least and these desperate cheapos will then only then book GrabTaxi. I find it really unfair for us as we are earning lesser because of this. Putting in surge for GrabTaxi as well will make things better for us taxi drivers as well as passengers are left with no choice but to pay for the surge when they book either a car or taxi! It’s more just then the current situation!

Take yesterday for example, there is a graduation parade going on at Pasir Laba, me and a group of taxi drivers were at Tuas waiting for bookings when suddenly we have massive GrabTaxi bookings from Pasir Laba. I then checked the app and from Pasir Laba to Sengkang was like close to $50 for Justgrab and for a standard taxi booking will be only $33 max after including all the surcharges! Of course cabbies like me on justgrab and GrabTaxi platforms will feel shortchanged!

Now I urge LTA to step in now and make grab impose surge pricing on GrabTaxi too, Toa will deter people from being cheapskates! Desperate already still want to save???

A.S.S. Contributor

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