I want to share a story about an ex-con who is having trouble fitting back into society.

There is an ex convict went to interview a job as a sales manager.

During his sec 5, he was sentenced to 5 years. During his sentence, he got a A level and a Retail diploma.

When he filled in the application form, there was a column ( Have u been to prison ).

When he came across this question, his mind was half past 6. To declare or not…everyone deserved a second chance, but is this true?

If the man declared, do u think the company will employ him?

Everyone makes mistakes, he had already paid his price and got his punishment.

Why are HR practices forcing him to decide between lying or not? He is already a changed and well educated person.

Will the company employ him, and will the company be fair to him? I really don’t think so. Once you are black, you are forever black… this the society think this way….

A.S.S. Contributor

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