I was transiting at KLIA2 recently for an Airasia flight to Singapore. At the security screening before entering the holding room for boarding, I placed my hand carry on the conveyor belt and proceeded to walk towards the metal detector.

However I was stopped and was told to also remove my ladies’ cartier watch which I did place in the tray on the conveyor belt along with my passport and a pouch for xray screening. After I walked through the metal detector , I picked up my hand carry as it emerged from the xray machine. And then I turned to the tray that followed to pick up my (ladies’ ) cartier watch passport and pouch. It was then that I had a shock to find that red Sinagpore passport and pouch was there ibut my ladies cartier watch was missing. In shock I shouted and quickly looked around and saw that an Indian grandfather was just putting on my watch.

I shouted at him that it was my watch he was wearing and he apologised and returned it to me. He was presumably with his wife and his son/daughter in laws and grandchildren from India and going to Singapore on the same flight.

He then turned tomhis own tray which contained his watch belt and lots of other stuff. Surely it cannot be a genuine mistake. It was quite an expensive LADIES’ cartier watch that he tried to put on and he cannot be mistaken about it.. It was probably an opportunistic attempt to steal probably knowing that he could explain that it was a genuine mistake and also that the security staff are too busy to investigate as there is a long queue of passengers to clear.

Also I cannot miss my flight to make a trio tonthe Malaysian police station to make a report against him.

So fellow Singaporeans do be careful with your stuff . Blink and you lose them before your eyes.

A.S.S. Contributor

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