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Today, the government so proud to announce a so called successful implementation of their policy, where a unified rank system means an end to junior and senior police ranks. This means, if anyone works hard enough with excellent performances year on year, there is no need for degrees to see someone climb up the ladder.

The Singapore Police Force adopted the unified rank structure, which will allow a senior police officer, like Station Inspector Mohammad Rosman Hassan, to cross over from the junior officer scheme into the ranks of senior officers. Station Insp Rosman, who joined the Police Force in 1991 as a constable with partial A-level certification, is used to training police rookies who holds degrees, who will then climb the ranks faster and many went on to become his superiors.

But with this new unification of schemes, he will be can benefit from a faster career progression too. While this is a good step forward to reward staff in any government service via their performance rather than qualifications, how many actually will get to benefit from this? The Police officer was featured, precisely because he is a rare example.

Perhaps, when the progression of non-degree holders are on par with that of degree holders, then maybe the skepticism will erode. For now, maybe this is just an exercise in public relations.

Cheryl Tam

A.S.S. Contributor

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