I am victim of a scam by the PRC scammer, Ms Fan Xin Wen to obtain Permanent Resident in Singapore and cheated around $300,000 in total from year 2009 to 2015.

I had met her on May 2009. She was then residing in Singapore on a work permit as she was working as a singer at a KTV lounge. We dated for a year before she proposed marriage to me on or about December 2010 as she was concern that her work permit would not be extended after its expiration on 31st March 2011. I was prepared to marry her as she had convinced me that our marriage was not one of convenience and that she loved me and was committed to a marital life with me. We married on 03 April 2011 after obtain approval.

After the marriage however, Fan did not reside with me and she did not quit her job as promised. Fan told me that she needed to stay near her workplace and that we could still be married and live in separate home for the sake of convenience. She assured me that once she quit her job, she would live life as a married couple.

Fan obtained her PR status in October 2011. I assisted in her application. On 7th February 2015, she messaged me on or about 2am that she was ready to move in to stay with me. She informed me that she would quit working at KTV lounge and would find a normal job soon. At 7am the next day, she brought her luggage and moved into my home. I was surprized by her sudden appearance and decision but I was happy.

However, shorty after moving to my home, Fan confessed to me that she had been with another man for the past four year and this man had just passed away. She explained that that was the reason why she could not move in to stay with me. She apologized and wanted to start life afresh with me who was her legal husband. Fan had also told me that she was mistress of a drug dealer in Malaysia before came to Singapore. She had been arrested in Malaysia and China for drug case but managed to release through bribery.

I decided to forgive her, to choose to trust her, and to move on. I comforted myself that she deserved another chance as she told the truth. I loved her considerably and was prepared to give her another chance. I was hoping that once we live a normal life together, our commitment to each other would be stronger.

On 17th February 2015, I went back with her to her home town in China to celebrate the Chinese New Year and to meet her parents and relatives. I had spent a considerable amount for this trip in cash gifts to her relatives. I came back to Singapore alone to resume my work first. Fan returned to Singapore but instead of returning to my home, went back to her previous condominum where she stayed with her lover of 4 years.

I was shocked by her behaviour and confronted her about it. She then callously told me that she wanted a divorce as she wanted to look for a younger man who is handsome. I was flabbergasted.

She admitted that she married me because she needed to obtain PR in Singapore and money to buy house for her parent and brother. She informed me that she might consider reconciliation only if I was prepared to maintain her and to give her $10,000 per month as allowance and pay her credit card bills. I had given her $10,000 per month and paid her credit card bills from April 2015 to May 2015. We did not resume cohabitation and she admitted also that she only wanted to cheat more of my money for her expense in Singapore. I was vey hurt and very much in shock.

I have filed divorced and she did not contest nor dispute the facts of her unreasonable behavior. Fan have immediately remarried to a young Singapore guy and enjoy the fruit of her scam happily in Singapore. I am warning the Singapore man not to fall into the PRC KTV girl scam and became the another victim.

scam victim
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