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In yet more signs that the Singapore Professional football scene is going downhill towards a self oblivion, S.League club Tampines Rovers are in the news again for all the wrong reasons. They were caught in a cash flow problem last April, and the latest reports coming out indicated that the CPF Board is looking into the club’s CPF contributions to staff, and their former sponsor, Komoco Motors, are also recalling a $190,000 loan.

They are also reportedly facing a repayment of a $756,000 “sponsorship credit line” from Taiwanese tech company Nogle, starting next year. Tampines Rovers have repeatedly said that all these issues will be settled, as they were involved in the Asia Cup matches, which takes up a lot of their administrative time. The problem with this line of argument is that, if you are a professional outfit, shouldn’t you be able to manage your time and resources better?

And how could you be late in paying the wages of your staff, be they playing or non-playing ones. All the staff are employees of the club, and as such, depends on their wages for their livelihood. to fall into such problems is just not a professional way of running football clubs.

In fact, this is quite worrying. The FAS themselves have issues they have to sort out. What about the other professional S.League clubs? Are they in some kind of financial difficulties too? If clubs are ran haphazardly like this, no wonder we can never have a professional league worthy of challenging South East Asia’s other leagues, never mind being in Asia’s top leagues.

Hairi Sulaiman

A.S.S. Contributor

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